Slot Overview: Tiger, Tiger

Since 2019, Gibraltar-based company G Games has been cranking out online casino games from its many outposts, typically with a touch of unusual humor to set them apart. Games that have previously been released include one where vegetarians take against vampires and another where unicorns throw up insane treats. I was curious to see the group’s ideas for Yggdrasil’s Masters Program for YGS. It makes sense to bring your A-game and create an impact if you’re going to gain more exposure from a more well-known studio. Unfortunately, Tiger Tiger is one of G Games’ most boring slot machines and performs none of those things.

Visually, Tiger Tiger isn’t terrible but it doesn’t stand out from the crowd. A 5×5 grid with 25 paylines has been put up amid a forest populated by ferocious red tigers. A female wildlife specialist, or maybe just a tourist with high hopes of getting some good pictures of wild animals to post on her Instagram, joins the players on their adventure. Whoever she is, she’s prepared for whatever may happen on the journey by bringing binoculars and, one hopes, a bit extra heat. The game’s sound design is the most unexpected visual element. There aren’t many sound effects to go along with the action on the reels, but the music is great. It seems like something that might be played in a Bollywood or Arabian variety show at a Broadway show. Its diving and weaving amid the vines stands out even more in the silence.

Tiger Tiger is a low-volatility, low-potential slot machine game with a theoretical 95.15% return-to-player value, playable from 25 pence to £/€50 a spin. The relatively low number of paylines relative to the reel and row setup of Tiger Tiger is another potential negative aspect, reducing the likelihood of a win from 18% to 17.69%.

Speaking of payouts, they come about when three or more identical pay symbols land left to right, with the highest paying tiger requiring only two or more. Tens and Aces are the lowest-paying symbols, while the adventuring woman, a panther, a white tiger, a golden tiger, and a regal Bengal Tiger are the most. Not only does a win with five Bengal Tigers return 200 times the initial wager, but its unique 1×4 size stands out among the standard 1×1 tiles. Reels 2 through 4 feature a wild tiger that has been hiding among the foliage and is waiting to pounce. Except for Golden Tiger Scatters, Quickhit Money symbols, and collect symbols, it may stand in for any other picture.

Slot Machine Features, Tiger, Tiger

Tiger Tiger’s money symbol gathering technique smells much like that of Fishin’ Frenzy. In addition, free spins are awarded when the required amount of scatters appear, and there are four jackpots associated with the game’s collection mechanism.

Quickhit Money symbols, occurring on reels 1 through 4, will provide a cash prize immediately. If they appear on reel 5 at the same time as a Monkey Quickhit collect sign, the ape will automatically gather the values and give them to you. The number of Quickhit Money symbols a player may gather is limited only by their field of view. Quickhit Money symbols might have monetary values or one of the four prizes. Mini, Minor, Major, and Grand payouts are 50x, 100x, 200x, and 1,000x, respectively, the initial wager. They can be won simultaneously, at least in theory.

Finally, the golden tiger scatter symbol, which appears on reels two through four alone, can set off a round of free games. When you get 3, you get 10 bonus spins. Free games increase the number of quick cash money symbols and cash gather symbols on the reels. There is no cap on the amount of times scatters may retrigger the bonus round, which currently stands at +10 more free spins. Theoretically, Tiger Tiger has a hit frequency into free spins of 1 in every 176 spins.

Tiger, Tiger: The Slot’s Judgment

It didn’t take long for a sense of disillusionment to set in when playing Tiger Tiger. Instead of making an entirely serious game like Tiger Tiger, G Games should have used some of their signature comedy for the YGS release. Not that it needed to be humorous, but it’s not that entertaining. Something about this production just doesn’t feel complete. There is absolutely nothing in it that would make a player think, “Hey, why don’t I give Tiger Tiger a try and see what it can do?” The only possible exception to this is a person who, while being surrounded by tigers in a forest, has a need for Fishin’ Frenzy.

Finding useful criticism doesn’t need as much digging as finding useful praise does. The slow pace, boring gameplay, and rehashed elements are just the beginning of the problems. There isn’t really anything exciting about Tiger Tiger. The short play duration causes you to think about other games. In addition to the music, the presence of the collecting monkey in both the main and bonus game might provoke some interesting mental cycles. Perhaps if there were larger prizes available, Tiger Tiger might have been more appealing. The Grand’s is the best place to play if you want to win the maximum payout of 2,000 times your initial bet. You’ll have a tough time coming up with anything noteworthy if you can’t land the Grand.

Unfortunately, Tiger Tiger is just another ordinary slot watering down the quality of the YGS Masters Program. The tiger is one of the most impressive remaining wild creatures, but its numbers are decreasing. Tiger Tiger is a dull and pointless film that does not do the animals credit.