An Analysis of Jurassic World

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Microgaming released the first authentic Jurassic Park slot machine a number of years ago, and it was obviously inspired by Steven Spielberg’s 1993 classic. The new Jurassic World attraction, based on the 2015 film starring Chris Pratt, opens on June 21.

Visually gorgeous and impressive in terms of features, the game offers three different types of free spins with multipliers of up to x1,000. Find out which UK casino sites are adding this game first so you can test it out as soon as possible by reading the entire review below to learn all the specifics.

Slot machine elements from Jurassic World include

There are 243 chances to win on the Jurassic World slot machine, which has 5 reels and 3 rows.

Six distinct dinosaurs—a Pteranodon, a Velociraptor, an Ankylosaurus, a Stegosaurus, a Tyrannosaurus, and an Indominus—make up the lower-paying symbols on the reels.

Chris Pratt as Owen Brady, Claire Dearing as Bryce Dallas Howard, Vic Hoskins as Vincent D’Onofrio, and Simon Masrani as Irrfan Khan are all depicted on higher value symbols from the 2015 film.

The game’s logo serves as the wild symbol, standing in for all others (scatters excluded) and expanding to cover up to 10 positions on a single reel.

An insect caught in amber represents the scatter symbol. Any combination of two scatters on the reels at the same time will result in a wild symbol.

The Indominus Feature is our primary in-game bonus and is included in the standard game. It goes into effect at random whenever a winning combination pays out at least three times the wager. In this bonus round, an enormous Indominus Rex dinosaur appears in front of the reels to help you win more money. The maximum multiplier your stake can receive is x1,000. Think about all the money you could make if you had this choice earlier!

Slot Machine Bonus Rounds in Jurassic World

The Jurassic World slot machine’s free spins feature is not only lucrative and entertaining, but also one of a kind. Land at least three of the mosquito in amber scatters to activate the feature and be taken to one of three distinct free spins settings, each of which corresponds to a different region of Jurassic World Park. For the first fifteen times you win free spins, the game’s mechanisms will choose the location at random. After then, it will be up to the players to decide which mode and where they want to play. You will have undoubtedly settled on a favorite by then.

In the mode called “Creation Lab,” you get 10 free spins and rolling reels. When a winning combination is formed, all matching symbols are swapped out for new ones and the losing symbols are eliminated from the reels. When no new winning combinations can be formed, Rolling Reels stops. These reels also have Cryo Wilds, which is basically a fancy name for frozen wilds, in addition to the standard Rolling reels. After being frozen for three minutes, they suddenly disappear.

You can also get 10 free spins in Gyrosphere Valley mode, with an extra “multiplier trail” added to the mix. You’ll begin with an x2 multiplier at the very minimum, and it will rise by one after every spin in which you don’t win, up to a maximum of x7. If the multiplier is more than 2 on your 10th free spin, the free spins will continue until a winning combination is achieved.

You can get 10 free spins and wild scatters in the Raptor Den bonus round. Every single amber mosquito scatter will now behave as if it were a wild. During this feature, if you get three scatters at once, you’ll get five more free games.

Free spins for Jurassic World

You won’t have any trouble locating a trustworthy and generous UK online casino that offers the Jurassic World slot, as it is available at the same places that provide the other recent Microgaming releases. The best part is that you don’t have to look anywhere else; just check out the recommended casinos we’ve included in the sidebar and body of this review.

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Slot machine payouts, volatility, and jackpots for Jurassic World.

You may wager as little as 30p each spin on the Jurassic World slot machine, all the way up to £7.2. This slot has a respectable 97% RTP and a medium level of volatility. You can earn up to 14,000 times your wager if you play in the Gyrosphere Valley free spins mode and increase the multiplier by the maximum of seven.

Images and sounds from the Jurassic World slot machine

The game is based on the popular movie, so it’s no surprise that Microgaming entered into a licensing agreement with Universal Studios, ensuring that the game will look great. The video cutaways from the film add to the fun of the game, as does the sight of the famed park in the background and the various varieties of dinosaurs as the symbols. The reels come to life as an Indominus Rex stalks in front of them, terrifying players but potentially rewarding them with a multiplier of up to x1,000.

Our verdict on the Jurassic World slot machine

Even if we weren’t huge fans of the remade film, we think you should check out the game anyway because it’s not only visually stunning but also very enjoyable and technically impressive.

The maximum possible payout is enormous, and it comes with other fantastic bonuses such as free spins, multipliers, modifiers, and winning boosts. Imagine if you won the prize worth fourteen times your original bet! Trust us, you won’t regret giving it a shot.